7 Dwarfs Practice

Hello Snow White


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Google Form [Examplar]

Practice embedding a Google form for students to interact with.  Also provide a link to the responses that were entered in the form. Insure the response spreadsheet is view only.


Have student practice inputting data into a form that was created by a fellow cohort member.  Afterwards students can see a summary of the results in the linked spreadsheet.

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Transportation Scanning [EXAMPLAR]

<Student Work>Seoul Subway

Seoul Subway

London Underground

London Underground

<Lesson Plan with Subway Timetables>

1. Topic : Let’s take a subway on time!

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / High school students & Adult

3. Objective :  Students will be able to recognize the differences in timetables in Seoul and in London.

Students will be able to explain the timetable in London to other people.

4. How to use : This is for skimming and scanning practice using real subway timetables in Seoul and London respectively. The first one is from Seoul station to Incheon Airport and the other is to South hylton. To use these authentic materials, first give learners enough time to look through each table. Second, ask skimming questions for overall contents or general ideas. And then, go into the table deeply and ask scanning questions for specific information. Lastly, give a task that needs the information on the two timetables.

a. Pre-Reading :  Ask students experience of  taking subways abroad and share the ideas to get them familiarized with the materials and topic.

b. While-Reading :

1. Make them look at the two timetables quickly and ask students questions for skimming skills. Here are the examples below.

[Guided Questions for Skimming Skills]

– Where does the subway in Seoul go to?

– Where dose the underground in London go to?

–  How many station does the underground in London stop at?

–  Where does the subway in Seoul depart?

– How many colors that describe certain types of trains can you find in Seoul?

2. Let students complete a chart for understanding specific details of both timetables. The questions would be like this below.

[Specific Questions for Scanning Skills]

– What does the blue color stand for in Seoul subway timetable?

– How often does the underground run during the weekdays in London?

– What time should you take the last underground to Sunderland on Sunday?

– In which time zone dose the underground run most frequently in London?

– How many times are the subway available from 7 a.m to 8 p.m in Seoul?

c. Post-Reading : Imagine that your friend visits London to meet you. You and he/she are supposed to meet at Pelaw but he/she does not have subway timetable. Explain the subway timetable in London to him/her to make them arrive there. Through this activity, they can develop speaking skill as well.

One more tip!

This timetable also contains cultural aspect; subway is described as “underground” in London. Learners can recognize the difference between British English and American English while completing the questions and task .

Restaurant Scanning Activity [EXEMPLAR]

<Student Work>

1. Starbucks in Korea

2. Starbucks in the U.S

<Lesson Plan with Starbucks Menus>

1. Topic : What do you want to drink at Starbucks?

1. Skill : Reading Skill

2. Level : Intermediate / High school students & Adult

3. Objective :  Students will be able to recognize the differences in Starbucks menus in Korea and in America.

Students will be able to order what they want to drink by using authentic materials.

4. How to use : These are for developing specific reading skills; skimming for a gist and scanning for specific details. or skimming, teachers can ask students some general questions such as where you would find this menu.  For scanning, teachers also can use handout to make them write answers to more specific questions; How many sizes are available in Starbucks in Korea and one in America?

a. Pre-Reading :  Show students pictures of various kinds of Starbucks beverages and ask them which beverages they want to order.

b. While-Reading :

1. Give students guided questions for getting the general ideas about the menus. Those questions   could develop skimming skills. Here are examples below

[Guided Questions for Skimming Skills]

– Where would you find this menu?

– What items on the menus would they most often buy?

– How many items would Korean Starbucks sell?

– How many items would American Starbucks sell?

– What colors does both Starbucks mostly use on their menus?

2. Let students make questions for specific information about the two menus. The questions can be useful for developing scanning skills. The questions would be like this below.

[Specific Questions for Scanning Skills]

  How many sizes are available in Starbucks in Korea and one in America?

– If you do  not like milk but love to drink coffee, how would you customize your drinks at Korean Starbucks?

– When does the Starbucks in America open?

– If you want to drink weak coffee rather than strong coffee in Korean Starbucks, what would you do to order that coffee?

-If you want to drink iced caffe latte in America, what ounce would be be given?

c. Post-Reading : Make students have role plays; one should be a customer and the other should be a Starbucks worker in either America or Korea. They can expand their knowledge while doing the role play and get an opportunity to apply the authentic materials to their real lives.

Voicethread Activity [Examplar]

What are they going to do?

Target Age : 1st – 3rd Grade  students /Intermediate level

 Topic : Future Tense Prediction and Providing Support
 Larva VoiceThread: https://voicethread.com/share/4402907/


Target Learners / Interests : This speaking activity is designed for 8-11 years old students in Korea.
Students will have four opportunities to express their opinion and make predictions.
1) On the first slide, students will predict what they think will happen.
2) After watching the video, students will need to comment on the actions and the reasons for those actions of the Yellow Larva and Red Larva character.  Students will need to support their comments.
3) Students will predict what will happen next after the video has ended.  The video doesn’t provide final ending, students will need to predict what will happen next.
Note:  Teachers should encourage their students to listen and add additional comments to other students predictions.
 Aims :
To encourage students to use free association of language knowledge and prior background knowledge of Larva characters to predict future behaviors in a short speech.  Students are encouraged to listen to and respond to other students comments.   

Discussion 2 Fall 2013

Let’s campaign for the use of plain English

Take a few minutes to read this opinion piece by Lee Chang-sup regarding several reasons why Koreans struggle to learn English.


To successfully earn credit for this discussion, you will need to post a comment below directly related to this article.  You will also need to post a response to at least two (2) other classmate posts.

Good luck and enjoy the conversations.


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Embed a video in PowerPoint

A brief walk through how to download a video from YouTube to your hard drive.  Also how to embed a video from YouTube into a PowerPoint.

Download a video with KeepVid.com from YouTube:



Embed a local video into PowerPoint:


Embed a video from YouTube in PowerPoint:

Some helpful video links are at the bottom of the post.


Slide8Insure you make the two edits:

  1. “//  to http://
  2. version=3  to  version=2



Below are a few videos that will also help you depending on the version of PowerPoint you may have on your computer.

PowerPoint 2007: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hChq5drjQl4

PowerPoint 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V0gm98Xj4

PowerPoint 2013:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njzvC_sdUyg

Create a Mater Slide in PowerPoint

A quick review for how to make a Master Slide in PowerPoint

Review this quick video <click me> to go along with the slides below











Steps for Text-Wrapping

A quick reminder how to include Text-Wrapping around an image in MS Word.






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